The Naturals-Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Fiery red hair: The red hair symbolizes Cassie’s genes with her mum. ‘You’ killed people who had red hair.  He or she only kills women who are ‘psychics’ and have red hair. In some cases, the murder victims with different hair colours are found with their hair dyed newly-red. I thought this really symbolized Cassie life because she could have been the next one to be killed.

The triangle: The love triangle is a prevailing theme throughout the book. Cassie has to flip between who she likes more, Michael or Dean. Sometimes the triangle can get in her way for her investigation.

Father: Her Father, is the only parent she has. The Father is wearing solider costume as he does work for the army, also included there are some blood stains on the costume, as it does symbolize the idea of the Father being one of the suspects of the mudrder. This makes a distant connection between Cassie and her Father.

FBI: The FBI is helping to investigate the murder of her mother.  A spy normally has to be to kill someone the ‘bad guy’. For Cassie, she doesn’t have to since she has a very intelligent mind, that’s every spy wishes for.

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